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A rule determines what happens when a job failure record is created in the JobR database. The rule can perform 3 key activities:  

  1. Set the status of the failure to be Ignored 
  2. Call a JobR action 
  3. Call a Now subflow 

The rule definition includes a condition that restricts its execution e.g. set record status to ignore for records where the failure code is 51. 

The system ships with 2 built-in Rules that are used for Veeam systems and they should not be altered. 

Rules are executed in order of the Order property 


Adding Rules

JobR is built to support extensibility by allowing a user to create new rules and actions that correspond to their requirements 

A typical rule would be to automatically ignore certain failures which is simply the creation of a rule that sets the status to ignored if a condition is met.

Please note the importance of applying conditions. If no conditions are used, the rule will apply to every incoming job failure record. 

 Example of a Rule calling an action. 

For information about creating Actions go here.



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