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Data Sources

A data source within JobR represents the system from which JobR will extract information. The REST API URL and associated administrator credentials for the data source are stored as ServiceNow Connection and Credentials aliases. These will need to be configured before the data source can be used. 

Data Source Status

The connectivity status of the Data Sources (backup servers) is refreshed every time a data collector is run. The status will display as 

  • Up, a successful connection with the Data Source has been made.
  • Unknown, Unknown means that a data collector has not yet processed the data source, it will only happen whilst setting up new data sources.
  • Down, the connection has been lost, and cannot be re-established. 

If the status of a Data Source turns to Down, a red warning banner is displayed on the Workspace screen. 


The default REST API URL can be found in the relevant product documentation 


Once you have defined a data source, click on test connectivity to check that everything is configured properly. 


  • For NetBackup, we recommend that you create an API Key for an admin account. You can do this through the NetBackup Web Console. 
  • For Veeam, the User ID and password of an admin user are needed. 

To add a new Data Source

JobR Admins can add new Data Sources. 

  • Click the New button found at top right of your screen.
  • Enter the details of your new Data Source.
  • Click Submit to save.
  • Click Test Connectivity to test that your new Data Source is connected successfully. An error will be displayed if it fails. 

All jobs relating to each Data Source can be viewed by selecting the Data Source and moving across the various tabs available.


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