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Release Notes V3.3.0

  • Version V3.3.0
  • Release date 4th June 2024

New Features and Enhancements

Support for Azure backup vaults

JobR supports Azure Backup Vaults, it uses API v2023-02-01

It requires the configuration of a Service Principal in Azure with access to the required Backup Vaults.

AI root analysis flows

Using ServiceNow flows we are giving you the ability to link to your preferred LLM or AI to run analysis on the error message and logs of a job. The returning text is then displayed in the activities field within the Job Details screen.

This feature is customizable. It can be set up as a button or set up as a scheduled task, for example.

Ability to configure a console URI against a data source, accessible for any job

A new field added to the Data Source screen allows you to enter your Data Source's URI, giving you direct access to your backups for troubleshooting job failures. This is done by clicking the Access Console button within the Job Details screen. 

Clickable link in Journal entry for incidents created via job failures

We have created a clickable link within the Job Failures screen giving you access to your ServiceNow Incident that had been raised for a job failure. 

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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