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Release Notes V3.2.0

  • Version V3.2.0
  • Release date 5th February 2024

New Features and Enhancements

Support for Rubrik CDM version 6 and above

JobR supports Rubrik CDM v6 and above. It is recommended to use basic authentication. The core Rubrik URL (typically https://node) is required along with credentials (user ID and password) for an administrator-level account.

Precalculated job duration

A new field added to the Job table (Failures and Successes) indicating the number of minutes the job ran for. The main purpose of this field will be to help identify anomalies. 

GB transferred to assist with anomaly detection

A new field added to the Job table (Failures and Successes) to assist in reporting on the top 10 targets by backup size, displayed in the workspace.

New graphs to show the top 10 targets by job duration and GB transferred

Two new visualization graphs have been added to this release

  • Top 10 Targets by duration
  • Top 10 Targets by Backup size. 

Dashboard alert if connectivity to a backup server is lost

Data Source connectivity is checked every time a data collector is run. Three status messages will be returned

  • Up, a successful connection with the Data Source has been made.
  • Unknown, Unknown means that a data collector has not yet processed the data source, it will only happen whilst setting up new data sources.
  • Down, the connection has been lost, and cannot be re-established. 

If the status of a Data Source turns to Down, a red warning banner is displayed on the Workspace screen alerting the user that action is required.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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