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Release Notes V3.1.0

  • Version: V3.1.0
  • Release date:  5th June 2023 

New Features and Enhancments

Daily rollup of jobs, data transferred and success rate by customer

A new daily rollup process provides a summary of jobs, data transferred, and success rate by customer.

New visual data components on the dashboard

The dashboard has been updated with new visual data components that show overall success rate and data transferred.

Last 24 hours filter

A new filter has been added to the dashboard that allows you to view data for the past 24 hours.

Job start and end times and data transferred

Job start and end times and data transferred have been elevated from metadata to core data, making it easier to track job progress and performance.

Draft Flow components for customer update and operations reports

A set of draft Flow components is available that can be used to build customer update and operations reports.

Draft Subflow to create a ticket per policy

A draft Subflow is available that can be used to create a single ticket for each policy which has resulted to multiple failures.

Commvault Job Restart

Support has been added for restarting jobs at Commvault.

Password for Commvault connection

There is no longer a need to base64 encode the password when setting up a connection to a Commvault system.

Target for NetBackup job set to asset's GUID instead of name

Under certain conditions, the target for a NetBackup job was set to the corresponding asset's GUID instead of its display name. This has been fixed.

Detection of automated Veeam retries

Automated Veeam retries are now detected and the job is marked as successful if one succeeds.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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