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Job Failures

Job Failures displays a list of all failures detected from all data sources. Each row represents a failure and by clicking the Job ID, a user can view the job details. 

When a record of a failure is created, it is given a status of ‘New’. Once a specific failure has been dealt with the status is changed to ‘Ignored’ or ‘Remediated’ 

Rules and actions can change the status as well. 

Agent Assist

The Job Details screen includes a section called Agent Assist. This section displays information that may be of assistance when it comes to understanding why this particular failure has occurred. It is common for backup failures to be caused by changes in the environment/infrastructure (e.g. a server is undergoing maintenance) and the app leverages Agent Assist to search for known changes that contain the Job Failure target server. If it finds something, it displays the change/s and the user can click through and see if it may have impacted the backup.

From Agent Assist, the user can also search Incidents, Problems, Outages, and Knowledge bases in ServiceNow to see if anything else may have caused the failure.

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