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The JobR Workspace utilizes the latest design improvements made to the ServiceNow UI and presents the JobR dashboard, complete with summaries of job failures, Job Successes, and remediations. 

You can see data visualizations of your: 

  • Failures Trend
  • Failures by Customer
  • Top 10 Failure Reasons
  • Top 10 Failing Targets
  • Top 10 Targets by Duration (mins)
  • Top 10 Targets by backup size (GB)

Each data visualization can be refreshed by pressing the three dots (burger button) at the top right. Each entry within the graph can be drilled into to get more information. 

If a Data Source has lost connection, it will be indicated by a red banner across the workspace, highlighting attention / action is needed.

From the JobR Workspace, the rest of JobR's functionality is easily accessible. 

Click the hamburger (three horizontal lines) icon at the top left of your screen to access JobR's submenus. 

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